Create custom Microsoft® PowerPoint® decks in seconds.

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  • Build out a custom sales presentation for your client in seconds.
  • Selectively reuse what you've presented before.
  • Turn an existing presentation into PowerForms template just by typing "[" and "]" where you want to replace information.

The main window of PowerForms

What PowerForms does for you

  • Create custom presentations in seconds.

    With PowerForms, you can customize a presentation in seconds not hours by reusing text from previous presentations, entering new text without worrying about messing up your presentation and focusing solely on the task at hand - modifying the text of your presentation.

  • Focus on what needs changing.

    PowerForms let's you skip the wasted steps of navigating slide-by-slide through a presentation only to get at the bits that change. What's more, you'll never have another slide in the middle of your presentation you forgot to customize.

  • Treat a presentation like a template.

    PowerForms makes it fast and easy to take a presentation you've done for one prospective client or customer and turn it into a template you can reuse and modify.

  • Not just AV presentations.

    PowerForms is not just for presentations: any PowerPoint file - sales report, sales brochure, whatever you have - can be converted into a powerful, reusable PowerForms template.


  • Click to start the slide show PowerPoint toolbar
    PowerForms will insert a ribbon on PowerPoint 2007 or a toolbar on previous versions, from where you will operate it.
  • Click to start the slide show Main window
    The main window is where you edit the form by entering the values of fields, or selecting them from the clips database.
  • Click to start the slide show Fields and clips window
    The fields and clips window is placed side by side with the window of PowerPoint, providing a convenient way of placing fields inside your current presentation or pasting clips into the presentation.
  • Click to start the slide show Configure operation
    PowerForms contains several settings to control the operation of the application.
  • Click to start the slide show Configure database
    To enhance the performance you may limit the number of clips to keep in the database.
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  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista® or Windows 7.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 or 2010.

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